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Windows 7 Questions And Answers For Exam


Answer: Both the Save and Save As options provide a way to save a file to disk in a specified location with a specified name. If you're building a new system from parts, you can get the much cheaper OEM version (see below) from your supplier, such as Newegg.com or Fry's. CH000714 Cannot delete file because it's being used by another person or program. B... navigate here

A: I've actually scratched my head a bit about who'd want to pay for the full version. CH001671 How to automatically repair problems in Windows. When computers were first used, they were used exclusively for calculating numbers. The symbol K refers to kilobytes and is commonly used to symbolize thousands. http://www.computerhope.com/windows7.htm

Windows 7 Questions And Answers For Exam

The biggest point is the one you mentioned: you must remove Windows from the old computer before you activate it on the new one. CH001266 What is Windows Program Files and Program Files (x86)? To migrate use profile information from one computer to another, you can use either _____a_____ or _____b_____. Start Menu Question 10: What are the accessories?

Such programs will usually have a Window menu wherein you can select which document you want to work with. For example, using a word processing program under Windows, you may be able to click on a picture of a printer to start the printing process. CH000871 What is the thumbs.db file? Windows 7 Questions And Answers Pdf A little menu will open and two of the options on that menu are Tile Windows Horizontally and Tile Windows Vertically.

Or you can buy other types of high-capacity storage devices such as cartridge drives or tape drives. Windows 7 Interview Questions And Answers Pdf For example, using most programs, the leftmost label in the menubar will be File. It means to press and release the mouse's button twice very quickly while the mouse pointer is over an item such as an icon. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2355056,00.asp But if you click on the My Computer icon again it won't open a second window.

It is not possible to “upgrade” a computer running the Windows 7 Ultimate edition to the Enterprise edition without performing a clean installation. Windows Questions And Answers Pdf Big mistake. CH000775 Disabling the Microsoft Windows XP System Restore. The most common Windows accessories are described in the questions that follow, along with a brief description of their purpose.

Windows 7 Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

Some of the most common Windows 7 errors occur during an installation or upgrade. my company Windows 95 and 98 were loaded on top of DOS (DOS always started first, as soon as you turned the computer on). Windows 7 Questions And Answers For Exam CH001334 How to create a Windows Restore Point. Windows 7 Multiple Choice Questions And Answers Pdf With DISM, you can perform many functions with one tool: mount and unmount system images; add, remove, and enumerate packages and drivers; enable or disable Windows features; configure international settings, and

Microsoft could have avoided it completely by wording the Windows 10 is free for users upgrading from existing Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems more carefully.In short, yes Windows 10 is check over here Each such group is referred to as a byte. But what do we mean when we say the computer can process information? For example, the Windows 7 installer sometimes fails and hangs at 62% when upgrading from Windows Vista. Windows 7 Objective Questions And Answers

But you should also know that all currently open windows will also be represented on the taskbar. Post it on the Tech Forum. Menu Question 3 (File Menu): What does Page Setup mean and what page is it refering to? his comment is here After that, you'd have to call and tell them you got a new hard drive or whatever.

You do it by right clicking a blank area of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Windows 7 Quiz Questions And Answers Can I dual-boot Windows 7 and Windows Vista? A computer running Windows PE will automatically reboot after _____a_____.


Most high-capacity devices are similar to hard disks, except tape drives. Ease your plan with automation ... CH000517 Information and help with Windows svchost.exe. Windows 7 Exam Questions And Answers Pdf Meanwhile it's annoying, I can certainly understand that.

You can also close a window from the taskbar by clicking on the button that represents it with the right mouse button and chosing Close from the small menu that appears. As a solutions provider, offering the best possible support for your customers means being able to quickly and efficiently resolve any pesky problems as they arise. FALSE 10. weblink To upgrade Windows XP to Windows 7, you must perform a _____a_____.

So I thought it was time to share the most popular and interesting questions, and their answers. SearchNetworking Juniper switch fabric includes single set of data center tools The latest Juniper switch fabric is aimed at multiple data centers and includes a single set of management tools. Windows Easy Transfer supports two types of migrations, called ______a______ and _____b____? Answer: To add new software, select the Settings option under the Start Menu and then selecting the Control Panel option (using the latest versions of Windows, select the Control Panel

Select the Control Panel option from the Start Menu and click on Appearance and Themes and then click on Change the desktop background. The upgrade being free is a big deal to me personally. They are accessed by selecting the Settings option under the Start Menu and then selecting the Programs option and then Accessories (using the latest versions of Windows, the accessories option will Sometimes when you exit the program you were using, the item currently in the computer's memory will be erased, sometimes it will not; it depends on the program.

It provides a table of contents, an index of terms, and way to search for any keyword. (Also see General Windows Question #36: What is context-sensitive help?) Menu Question 8: What Do I need a special disc or instructions?"Basically, a clean install means to erase the drive with the existing operating system on it during the process of installing Windows. Another way to create a shortcut is to right drag the icon to the place you want it (also see General Computer Question #12: What is dragging?) When you release the Forum If your question is not listed here try our computer help forum.

Bitlocker is only on Pro Reply ilev July 24, 2015 at 8:06 am # What about upgrading To Windows 10 a Windows 7 were files like : My documents, My pictures, To create a dual boot environment with Windows 7, you must have two primary partitions on your computer. We are not talking about a double-click, just two slower discrete clicks directly on the name (also see General Computer Question #9: What is double-clicking?). For free Anti-Virus alternatives, visit either Microsoft's Security Essentials Page, or AVG's Free Anti-Virus Website.Return to top.

Then you can paste that selected text to another location (in the same document or to a completely different document). CH000826 How can I play a DVD movie in Windows XP? Answer: A wizard is a small program that guides you through a process. Windows 7 Home Premium users can perform in-place upgrades to Windows 7 Professional without obtaining a new installation disk.

What about the OEM pricing? Start Menu Question 11: What is the Accessibility accessory? Clean Install 9.