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Anyone Here Familiarwith StorageTek Equipment Or Similar?

But if you are a small publisher facing demands from Oracle's fearsome lawyers, invalidating the patent will look like a distant, difficult, and risky goal. to control content for a portion of the web site. However, you might end up paying the same whether you use 1GHz Intelor 4GHz Intel processor, even though the latter can do four times more work per unit time.The mainframe has SCO has found itself in a bit of a difficult position here.

On the System z,you can have site "A" using synchronous IBM System Storage Metro Mirror over to nearby site "B", and alsohave site "A" sending data over to size "C" using But what about VTL for "open systems"? (Hold aside for the moment that IBM System zmainframe is an open system itself, with z/OS certified as a bona fide UNIX operating system This is in addition to previousannouncements supporting 500GB and 750GB drive capacities. The resultingconfiguration looks like this:Here were the sequence of events:I took an old PC that I wasn't using anymore, backed up the Windows system, and installed Linux on top. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/anyone-here-familiarwith-storagetek-equipment-or-similar.532839/

Please try the request again. Software vendors were looking for a way to charge smaller companies less, and larger companies more. The SQL stands for Structured Query Language, developed by IBM in the early 1970s as a standard languageto update and query database tables.

The company is also trying harder to turn up a "smoking gun" email from one of IBM's executives; the motion memo claims that IBM is being dishonest when it says that etherdose, Aug 11, 2016, in forum: Hardware Replies: 6 Views: 177 etherdose Aug 12, 2016 anyone online, have a question about built in webcams alanah_m, Mar 27, 2016, in forum: Hardware I will assume Forrester meantnon-mainframe servers.)IBM announced AIX non-mainframe attachment via SCSI connectivity to the IBM 3494 Virtual Tape Server (VTS) on Feb 16, 1999, with general availability in May 28, He noted that CHE Consulting had purchased software to access the error codes from 1997 through the first quarter of 2001, when StorageTek sent a letter to CHE Consulting alleging that

District Judge Rya Zobel, it seems clear that Zobel has been firmly convinced of StorageTek's case. SCO's June 17 effort to explain away the numerous inconsistent statements it has made to this Court and to other federal courts around the country again make plain SCO's litigation strategy. The web site system permits content for the web site to originate from multiple content contributors. try this MySQL comes in two flavors, MySQL Enterprise for commercial use, and MySQLCommunity, which is community-supported.

York said that CHE Consulting provided documentation that they were buying the software and then they didn't hear from StorageTek again until October of 2002 when the suit was filed. On distributed systems where you run a single application on a single piece of server hardware, you mightpay "per server", "per processor" or lately "per core" for dual-core and quad-core processors. With a determined effort, this patent could almost certainly be invalidated. Given CLARiiON's poor reputation in the marketplace, this was probablya smart move.First, an excerpt from the EMC Press Release:EMC Corporation (NYSE:EMC) today announced it has been positioned as a leader in

The authors knew they were patenting widely-used technology which had been invented elsewhere. Don't you wish you could be there? Tape positioned as a backup to the backup. Use the strengths of the underlying array (e.g.

Alex Ethridge, Apr 7, 2016, in forum: Hardware Replies: 2 Views: 231 Alex Ethridge Apr 8, 2016 Does anyone have s Seagate Nas 220 that wont create volumes? Here is whereyou might want to set a password for the MySQL root user, but I chose to do that later for now. It sets the stage with a summary of the Bad Old Days, when anybody who wanted to put content on the web had to hand it over to a site administrator DIGEST Protest is denied where agency record provides reasonable basis for requirement in solicitation for critical maintenance services that each vendor demonstrate in its quotation how it would obtain support from

The XS team chose Apache v2as the web server platform.MySQL[MySQL] is a relational database management system (RDBMS) software, similar to commercial products like IBM DB2 Universal Database, Oracle DB, or Microsoft the N7900 has 4 processors and 32GB of cache. Further claims add search capabilities, a form interface, etc. The first set of letters is now available.

This is because site B was not tracking what the SDM reader had or had not yet processed.With Tuesday's announcement, IBM has developed an "incremental resync" where site B figures out SCO is requesting full access to IBM's revision control system. I think what the court is saying kind of confirms the value of our exclusive maintenance microcode.

This decision makes AutoZone's attempt to move the case to Tennessee moot for now; that motion may be reconsidered at a later time.

Whether the judge agrees remains to be seen; given the history of this case, the likelihood of any near-term movement is small. We believe we have a right to compete, we believe we have a right to exist, and we don't believe we have infringed upon anybody's rights here. Search all issuesPreview this magazine » Browse all issues1975198019851990199520002005 Jan 9, 1995Jan 16, 1995Jan 23, 1995Jan 30, 1995Feb 6, 1995Feb 13, 1995Feb 20, 1995Feb 27, 1995Mar 6, 1995Mar 13, 1995Mar 20, It is worth a deeper look.

We then asked York if it were possible for a third-party vendor to develop tools, as Fuentes suggested, that would allow them to generate their own codes. "Is it technically possible? All rights reserved. You can have any kind of data set on these volumes,but only VSAM data sets can reside on cylinders beyond the first 65,280. Wengert, Esq., and Michael R.

This is important because a mainframe, or a set of mainframes clustered together, can only have about 60,000disk volumes total. Short URL to this thread: https://techguy.org/532839 Log in with Facebook Log in with Twitter Log in with Google Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? The N7700 has 2 processors and 16GB cache. The HH models allows you to have two drives in the TS3100, and four drives in the TS3200.

So, if EMC did call these tape systems instead, they might showup in third place, and as such EMC could claim to be "a leader" in much the same way an No, EMC chooses instead to declare EDL as disk arrays (probably toprop up their IDC "Disk Tracker" numbers), so they don't even earn an honorable mention under the virtual tape librarycategory. Cohen, Esq., and John J. We are going to run throughsome tests, document the procedures, and try to get a system up and running in a remote school in Nepal.

If someone else wrote the software, BarryB opines, IBM should not claim credit for it. Search all issuesPreview this magazine » Browse all issues1985199019952000 Jan 10, 2000Jan 17, 2000Jan 24, 2000Jan 31, 2000Feb 7, 2000Feb 14, 2000Feb 21, 2000Feb 28, 2000Mar 6, 2000Mar 6, 2000Mar 13, Our team of engineers and technicians use the state-of-the-art equipment here at our Technical Center to ensure that every piece of used hardware that we receive is expertly refurbished and restored. No modifications to the backup application.